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World Cancer Day
February 4th, 2014

Tuesday is World Cancer Day

It's hard to believe there is anyone in the world today who is not affected by cancer in some way. Whether it's the patient, family member, friend or even just a friend of a friend, we all are probably, at most, only one or two degrees separated from the disease.

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer:

"In 2012, the worldwide burden of cancer rose to an estimated 14 million new cases per year, a figure expected to rise to 22 million annually within the next two decades. Over the same period, cancer deaths are predicted to rise from an estimated 8.2 million annually to 13 million per year."²

Sponsored by the Union for International Cancer Control, it's billed as a day when health organizations, providers, patients, family, friends and other touched by cancer send a message that eradicating cancer should be a global priority.

According to the UICC, there are more than 500 events scheduled around the world³ along the 2014 theme: "Debunk the Myths." Those myths being:


The site has plenty of ideas on what you can do to mark the day. One of those happens to be to engage with your social media network, which means you may see a lot of avatars changed to something purple, the official color of World Cancer Day.

I'm going to borrow something I found on the Facebook page of an organization called, a group that was founded in 2007 as a support community for young cancer survivors.

"... It's not about wristbands, ribbons, body parts, colors, contests or territoriality. It's about celebrating life and the incredibly inspiring stories and journeys that make the cause ever so more empirically important. Thank you for being awesome."

Personally, I'm a big fan of debunking Myth #1, so if you have an opportunity have at it and just talk to someone affected by cancer. You can talk to me, but even with the diagnosis in July, cancer is so far behind in my rearview mirror I can barely see it anymore! =)


¹ - Admittedly, until I saw a commercial for it during the Super Bowl, I was unaware of this.

² - The full press release from the IACR here.

³ - According to the interactive map, there is nothing scheduled for Hawaii.

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