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Genetic mutation
August 29th, 2013

Health News

This has to be an exciting time to be in the field of cancer research, and it's no surprise to find the Cleveland Clinic at the forefront of such research.

A report Thursday says a Clinic researcher has discovered a genetic mutation that could lead to new therapies against Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer, a strain of the disease that is resistant to traditional forms of treatment. The mutation allows this specific strain of cancer to continue to thrive even when it is deprived of androgen, a hormone that fuels prostate cancer.

Research was led by Dr. Nima Sharifi, the Kendrick Family Chair for Prostate Cancer Research at the Clinic, who said:

"This gives us insight into the machinery tumors use to make androgens, and use that as a potential biomarker for resistance. By finding this mutated enzyme we can now investigate treatments to block it.”

Read the article by the Cleveland Clinic here.

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